5 things you didn't know your USB Flash Drive could do!

In the past, USB flash drives were revolutionary for sharing movies, music, and files with friends and across devices. They made our lives easier than carrying heaps of paper. Today, with the advent of cloud storage, Google sharing, and Airdrop, these little devices might seem obsolete. However, before you cast them aside, let me reveal five fantastic uses for your USB flash drives.

1. Portable Apps: Your Apps on the Go

USB flash drives can be your portable app library. Visit the Portable Apps website, download the initial installer, and follow the simple setup process. Pick the apps you want to carry around with you, and you're good to go. Plug the USB drive into any computer and use the apps without installation. When you're done, remove the drive, leaving no trace.

2. Secure Travel Documents

While traveling, it's wise to keep copies of essential documents like passports, IDs, and vaccination records. Hotel safes may not be completely secure. To enhance your security, store electronic copies of these documents on a small USB drive that can easily attach to your keyring. Worried about data security? Consider using free encryption utilities like DesCryptor or VeraCrypt to safeguard your information.

3. The Swiss Army Knife of Recovery Tools

For those dreadful moments when your computer crashes, or you're facing a virus attack, Herin's Boot CD PE can be a lifesaver. This comprehensive collection of legal tools and utilities can help recover data, fix issues, and even retrieve your Windows product key. Just insert the USB drive, boot your computer, and access the recovery environment.

4. Going Incognito with Tails

Your online and offline activities leave digital footprints everywhere, making privacy a concern. Tails is here to help. It temporarily transforms any computer into a super-secure machine. With Tails, you can browse the internet without leaving a trace, as it operates independently of your operating system. Your actions disappear the moment you remove the USB stick.

5. Charity: A Noble Cause for Unused Flash Drives

Don't toss those small, seemingly useless flash drives with less than 4GB of storage. Many charities, such as "Flash Drives for Freedom," collect flash drives of any size. They load these drives with reading materials, music, forms, and other banned information by the North Korean government. These flash drives are then smuggled into North Korea via defector-led networks to support individuals living under strict censorship.

In addition to these five uses, you can also consider running Linux on your flash drive or utilizing it as a network drive. Just remember to remove any personal data before sending it out.

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