9 Words to Avoid for Successful Sales Conversions💼🚫

In the world of sales and closing deals, the choice of words you use can make a significant difference in your success. While certain words can help you effectively close deals and sell more of your products and services, there are others that you should steer clear of.  Here are 9 words that you should avoid using in sales conversations to enhance your selling skills.

#1: "To be honest with you" and "To be frank with you"

The phrase "to be honest with you" is a common one in sales, but it's a phrase you should eliminate from your vocabulary. Why? It implies that everything said before was not honest. Similarly, "to be frank with you" suggests a lack of upfrontness throughout the conversation. Avoid these phrases to maintain trust and transparency.

#2: "Trust me"

When a salesperson tells you to "trust me," do you automatically trust them? Most likely not. Trust should be earned through actions, not claimed through words. Instead of telling people to trust you, demonstrate your trustworthiness through your actions.

#3: "Sorry to bother you"

Starting a sales conversation with "sorry to bother you" immediately puts you at a lower status and implies your product or service might be a bother. You should never apologize for offering a solution. Instead, convey the value and benefits of what you have to offer confidently.

#4: "Just following up"

"Following up" is a term that has been overused by salespeople and can trigger resistance from prospects. It implies you're trying to make a sale. Instead, engage in a more meaningful conversation. Ask questions, add value, and focus on understanding your prospect's needs.

#5: "Buy"

While people enjoy buying, the word "buy" itself can create tension because it implies spending money. Instead, use alternative phrases like "own this," "take this home," "take advantage of this," or "move forward." These words are more inviting and less intimidating.

#6: "Contract"

The word "contract" can sound heavy and intimidating to prospects. Replace it with "agreement" or "paperwork" to make the process feel less serious. Focus on making the transaction smooth and simple.

#7: "I haven't heard back from you"

Avoid phrases like "I haven't heard back from you" as they create unnecessary tension. Instead, add value during your interactions, offer assistance, and make prospects want to work with you. Don't make them feel guilty or embarrassed for not responding.

#8: "Individual"

Using the term "individual" can sound cold and institutional. When conversing with prospects, opt for more casual and conversational language. Treat them as people rather than cold entities.

#9: "We are better than..."

Never put down your competitors by claiming, "We are better than." Let prospects come to their own conclusions. Rather than criticizing competitors, ask questions and demonstrate how your product or service can effectively address their needs.

 By avoiding these 9 words, you can enhance your ability to connect with prospects, build trust, and close deals successfully. Remember that effective communication is the key to becoming a master in sales.


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